Life Church

New to Church

Coming to church for the first time or after a long time away can be a very daunting moment. A lot of us at Life Church have been through that experience.

You can get so many questions arise before, during and after your time with us it can seem very overwhelming. Well, just relax we’ve got you well looked after. First thing to remember about Church is that it’s a loving family.

On Sundays, as you get to the Life Centre entrance there will be lovely people waiting at the door to say hi and to help you feel at home. Grab a drink in the cafe or find a seat in the auditorium and then sit back and enjoy. You can join in the service as much or as little as you like. We start by singing worship songs to Jesus and then finish by listening to one of the leaders of the church to teach and apply the Bible. If you have children or youth they can go out to one of our activity groups with our great team or they can stay in with you.

You can stay as long as you like. The church is a community to belong to not just a meeting to attend, so we have lots of moments throughout the week where the community gets together to learn more about Jesus and serve the needs all around us. The best way to get connected to Life Church outside of our Sunday’s meetings is by going to one of our life groups. Find out more by clicking here.

New to the area

If you’re on holiday or visiting the area we’d love to see you. We realise the North Norfolk area is a popular place to relax and holiday. We often have regular holidaymakers come back to us every year there in the neighbourhood.

The two best ways for you to connect with us is by coming along to our Sunday meetings at 10.30am at the Life Centre, Cromer Road, Sheringham

And you can also enjoy our midweek community cafe at our YESU venue near the seafront. Click here to find out more information.